Solutions for Window Treatments on Tough-to-Reach Windows

Bright living room with Hunter Douglas shades

Maybe you have windows behind your couch in the living room. Or perhaps you have skylights in your basement or specialty windows in a vaulted ceiling. They will be challenging to mount and operate, so you could be tempted to forgo window coverings completely for them.   Your hard to reach windows will be impacted by […]

Fall 2022 Home Decor Trends

A living room with custom Hunter Douglas drapes.

Fall is almost here and with it new home decor trends! We’ve pulled together our top picks to get you inspired. 1. Earth Tones Earth tones are back this year. Top decorators are choosing warm sand and cream colours with olive green and rich brown accents. The key to this season’s aesthetic is to keep […]

Which Blinds Are the Easiest to Clean?

Your home decor pieces, including your window treatments, should be practical, fashionable, and simple to care for. Nobody wants to clean or maintain window coverings for hours on end. Fortunately, there are a variety of blind designs that are not only lovely but also easy to clean and maintain.   Here, we will demonstrate which […]

Get ready for summer with our top picks for summer window coverings

Whether you’re trying to soak up the sun or escape the heat, there’s a summer window treatment trend that’s right for you. Find out our top picks for summer this year in each room.   The Living Room   Our top pick for living rooms this summer is blackout blinds. Having a lot of windows […]

Which Is Best for Your Home: Light Filtering or Blackout Shades?

  Are you having trouble deciding between light filtering and blackout window treatments? We’re here to assist you! Fortunately, each of these window coverings serves a different purpose, so concentrating on the function of each room will help you find the perfect fit for your windows. Our experts have created a guide that covers all […]

Allergy Friendly Window Treatments for a Healthy Living

  Your home’s window coverings give beauty, privacy, and light control, but some types collect dust and dander. If you have seasonal allergies and find yourself sensitive to your surroundings, or if you live in a home with dry-clean-only curtains or small-slatted blinds that are difficult to clean effectively, it’s important to find ways to […]

Choose The Perfect Window Treatment for Your Bedroom Redesign

  Have you been looking for ways to dress up your bedroom design? Window coverings can be functional, purely decorative, or strike a balance between the two depending on your space and needs.  Let’s take a look at three methods to dress up your bedroom windows! These options are perfect if you’re looking to set […]

2022 Window Treatments to Refresh Your Home

  We are entering a brand-new year and we can’t think of a better time to explore new ways to refresh your space. Window coverings are a great place to start when it comes to upgrading your home design. They not only give your rooms a polished look, but also help save money on heating […]

Which Window Treatment Should You Use to Get the Best Coverage?

  Did you know that the quality of your blinds has a significant impact on the amount of money you spend each month? We know, it’s surprising! Heating and cooling your home can run at a high cost, especially if it’s not well insulated. Wondering what part of your home affects your home’s temperature the […]

Wow Your Guests This Holiday Season with New Kitchen Treatments

  The holidays are almost here, and as our homes begin to get that touch of cheer and seasonal spirit, it’s not uncommon for us to forget about the areas of our home that could use an upgrade or two. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so as your friends and family join […]

How to Cover Skylights Using Window Treatments

  Skylights are a charming addition to any home that will allow more natural light to enter smaller spaces, but on occasion, they can let too much light in, and even unwanted heat or cold air in depending on the time of year. Rather than remove or cover your skylight completely, adding a window treatment […]

The Best Treatments For Window Seats

  The small corners of our homes can sometimes go unnoticed, or it’s the last project on the list as finding a window treatment for unique spaces can be difficult. If your home has a cozy window nook perfect for reading and relaxing, but it’s in need of a final touch, it might be time […]