2023 Trending Designs

  2023 is here and interior design gurus are sharing what is trending in the world of window treatments. Following trending designs keep your space up-to-date and modern, but it also adds value to your home. If you ever decided to sell your home or list it on Airbnb, then a well-kept, contemporary home is […]

The Difference Between Motorized and Automated Window Treatments

  When it comes to deciding on the perfect window treatments for your home, having as much knowledge as possible on the products that are available to you will make the process easier! Window treatments come in many shapes and forms, but many homeowners are looking for a way to advance their product of choice […]

2021 Window Treatment Trends

  Rejuvenating and changing your interior spaces can make a huge difference in how you work and live, and changes to your window treatment décor is no exception. With several amazing treatment options available, our team has a few suggestions based on the top trends for 2021. If you’re ready to add a trendy touch […]